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missing imageIrrigation & Drainage: Irrigation Services UK Limited has a great deal of experience in designing and installing irrigation systems and are able to install and maintain irrigation systems ranging from manual hose point systems, drip systems and travelling sprinkler systems to fully automated, complex computer-controlled sprinkler systems. Care is taken to minimise the impact of the installation and to ensure that our work is carried out to the highest standards. Water is a precious commodity, and our systems incorporate the latest technology for water efficiency and system control, such as variable speed drive pump systems, automatic weather stations and radio remote control systems. Excess water and soil compaction often result in rapid deterioration of playing surfaces and can lead to the surface area becoming damaged. Drainage is essential in prolonging and maintaining the quality of a playing surface.

missing imageReservoir: Irrigation Services UK Limited can prepare the client for the process and feasibility from deciding where to site the reservoir, to designing it using civil engineering software, and obtaining an abstraction licence (if required), and test digging the soil for suitability of location. The depth for a reservoir on a golf course is normally between 4m and 8m, as the main purpose of the reservoir is to store water for the use during the summer months utilising the irrigation system.