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Irrigation Services UK Limited has been working within the irrigation industry for approximately 40 years. In that time we have acquired a great deal of experience regarding horticultural irrigation.

We supply pipe work, drip irrigation, sprinklers and hose pipe plus all necessary fittings, that make watering within glass houses and poly tunnels more consistent. This can be timed via a controller to allow watering to be done early in the morning, allowing for less water evaporation. In garden centre’s and farm houses discreet pipe work and apparatus is obviously more practical for where the general public moves about freely.

missing imageNursery: A fully automated irrigation system within a nursery or greenhouse can be the success behind high grade crops, flowers or seedlings.

Water that is used by means of pipe distribution throughout the nursery. Over head sprinklers (misters) can be used for finer spraying.

Fertilisation of plants can also be done using the irrigation system.

missing imageGlass Houses: Within many glass houses and poly tunnels most plants are in their infancy and need gentle watering.

Irrigation Services UK Ltd can provide a watering system that has an overhead pipe work system that has the heads ‘dangling’ above the trays using a nozzle that spins thus causing a more even/finer spray over the plants.

missing imageBoreholes: Water that is pumped from a borehole is normally totally free from pesticides and industrial contamination, the water will have filtered through the porous rock and into an underground aquifer.

Excavation means that a well is normally about 4-6” wide drilled to about 50-100m depth. The well is lined to prevent the walls collapsing and debris from the surface entering the well. A housing is also provided for the pump and pipe that moves the water to the surface.

Before a borehole can be excavated permission must be obtained from the Environment Agency ( and a strict procedure has to be adhered to.

Irrigation Services UK Limited would be happy to assist in this matter from the design, installation and planning consent.

missing imageTrenching and Moleploughing: Irrigation system pipe work is normally mole ploughed into the ground but where conditions dictate, or pipe sizes are over 90mm or there is a specific request from a client then trenches are cut out using our Ditchwitch RT40 trenching machine.

This will remove earth and cut a channel between 100mm and 185mm width down to a maximum depth of 1.875 meters. The machine is designed to remove spoil and deliver it neatly to the side of the trench to facilitate easy back filling and ground repair. This is the general and most preferred pipe-work installation for pipe work irrigation systems. It facilitates the use of a large bullet and cutting plough. The initial installation requires a hole to be dug at the approximate depth requirement. Pipe and cable is then attached to the mole plough blade and pulled through the ground with a very slow vibrating motion. Cable is laid approximately 3-4inches above the irrigation pipe work. This causes little or no damage to ground or turf and should be carried out either within autumn or summer periods when ground conditions are suitably moist.