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All playing surfaces benefit from a good quality watering system. Irrigation Services UK Limited is a major force in the design, installation and servicing of all sports turfs. We offer a commissioning and a de-commissioning of all systems and are happy to offer practical advice when required.

missing imageGolf Courses: There are many stages involved in the design and construction of a golf course; Topography, Soil Geology, Vegetation, Ecology, Water Design. Every golf course design is unique to the course and the area. We will work with our clients from the preliminary studies required from the first site visit to arranging the relevant soil tests and necessary legislation that is required with the installation and management of a new golf course.


missing imageBowling Greens: A fully automatic irrigation system will ensure that a standard 40m square bowling green can be maintained to the highest specification that is essential for a first class playing surface. A typical 4 head pop-up sprinkler system is used with the pop-ups located half-way down each side of the green. Water is normally fed from a water tank using a multi-stage pump. A water sensor can be fitted for additional watering needs.


missing imageFootball and Rugby Pitches: Full circle sprinklers are normally fitted in the centre of the pitch with part circle pop-ups around the perimeter. Water is normally fed from a water tank (if necessary rain water harvesting can be implemented) using an electric pump. A water sensor can be fitted for additional watering needs.

Irrigation Services UK Limited would be happy to assist in this matter from the design, installation and planning consent.


missing imageHockey Pitches: Hockey Pitches: Hockey pitches tend to be unusual in that the watering is via Rain Guns (these have a very large throw) installed in a purpose made steel chamber. A water tank and an irrigation controller are installed which works on a timer.


missing imageRace Courses: Race Courses are slightly unique in their system design and require installation of large bore main irrigation system runs, interfaced with stand-pipe joints for coupling to mobile water sprayer. Systems are critical in design and unique to each course.