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A landscape irrigation system is the most efficient method of watering your lawn and garden.

A fully designed automatic watering system that has been designed by a professional company will ensure reliability of watering on a timed basis (normally early morning and perhaps also late evening) and for a set period of time. This tends to conserve water as hand watering tends not to be so precise, causing a great deal of wasted water. An automatic watering system tends to be fairly low maintenance and a great deal more reliable. Landscape irrigation tends to use a smaller pop-up which does not ‘throw’ the water so far (as on a sports turf pitch). Gardens and lawns tend to be zoned into areas and utilizes a drip irrigation system and smaller pop-ups. This type of zoned watering is used in public parks to again reduce water wastage and concentrate borders.

missing imageGarden Watering: At Irrigation Services UK Ltd we are able to design, install and maintain the irrigation systems required for most domestic gardens.

Smaller pop-ups or adjustable flow spray on spikes are inserted around the required watering area. The alternative is drip irrigation.

missing imageDrip Irrigation: Drip irrigation is an efficient method of watering. The system works by ‘dripping’ the water directly onto the soil slowly. Leaky pipe can be laid onto the surface of the soil or it can be partially covered just beneath with a layer of mulch. The pipe has small adjustable drip heads inserted either randomly along the pipe or positioned beneath plants. Seep hose, has lots of tiny holes along the length of the pipe and the water seeps onto the soil. This type of pipe tends to be buried beneath the surface of the soil.

missing imageParks: A public park irrigation system tends to utilise landscape irrigation more intensively. An irrigation system when designed for a park involves smaller zoned watering areas. Leaky pipe will perhaps be used more for low ground watering to specific areas. An effective root watering system has been developed to aid watering trees. These patented basket weave canister designs are installed next to the root ball and then water is poured directly into the canister, this design can also be fitted with a drip watering system.

missing imageLawns: To maintain an effective lawn watering is required. This normally involves sprinklers (with a cross over of 50%) which are installed beneath the lawn using a pipe network. Watering is normally operated by a controller that is linked to a timer.