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Rainwater harvesting is the accumulation and deposition of rainwater for reuse before it reaches a storage destination. Uses include water for gardening, water for  and for irrigation. In many places the water collected goes straight into large water storage facilities.

missing imageRain Water Harvesting:A simple way to collect water is through water harvesting, mainly from your roof and then re-using from a storage area.


Uses could be garden watering irrigation, vehicular washing, patio cleaning. The idea is that by using rainwater you are taking away the demand for the main water supply.

Irrigation Services UK Limited would be happy to assist in this matter from the design through installation and planning consent.

missing imageRainwater Storage: A rainwater harvesting system can vary from the average garden water butt that holds 36 litres of rainwater to a tank that is buried beneath the ground – and can hold approximately 10,000 litres of rainwater and utilizes a pump to withdraw the water.

missing imageGrey Water: Grey water harvesting is the use of water which has been recovered from sinks and baths (not dishwashers or washing machines). Grey water is most commonly used for garden watering and toilet flushing.

Grey water is often stored in a separate tank that has a fine filter to sort particles, it will also need separate water pipes for the potable supply, which will need to be clearly identified under legislation required by law.